About Psychotherapy

"In therapy, I see myself in the mirror differently."

- Ricky Williams


Making the decision to enter psychotherapy can be difficult and daunting. The benefits, however, can far outweigh the initial fear and reluctance. It is important to note that psychotherapy is unlike interactions you might have had with other health care professionals. Usually, when seeing a health care professional, a person would offer up their complaints/symptoms. The health care professional would then administer treatment - usually in the form of medication to be taken. In this way, very little responsibility falls on the patient/client themselves for their own treatment. Psychotherapy does not work in this way.

Psychotherapy is a dance between the patient/client/couple and psychologist. All parties have to contribute and take responsibility for their “steps” in order for it to be productive and effective. At the end of the day, the largest part of the responsibility belongs to the patient/client/couple. Psychotherapy is not something that I will do to you. It is something that we will do together. We can also only address what you are willing to address and bring up during sessions. Psychotherapy works best when we can be open and honest with each other at all times during the process.

To me, psychotherapy can be compared to going to the gym. When you want to lose weight, get fit or sculpt your body, going to the gym will present you with numerous pieces of exercise equipment, group classes, even personal trainers. But that in itself is not enough for you to reach your desired goal. Instead, the responsibility falls on you to use the equipment, attend the classes and do so diligently and regularly. Otherwise the change will elude you. Psychotherapy is the same. While I love my work with people, and while I will be present and committed to working with you during your process, the outcome will ultimately be up to you.

I follow an Integrative and Holistic Approach, tailoring treatment to the individual person/couple and their presenting problem. Having said this, my particular approach strongly favours and relies on Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, EcoPsychology Theory & Practice, Ecosystemic Theory, Ecology, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness or Contemplative Practices.

Please note that psychotherapy is not a quick fix. It will take time to address the different aspects of what has brought you to see me. It will also take some time for me to get to know you and understand all the complexities of your situation. In addition, diving deeply into ourselves and our relationships through psychotherapy can sometimes even escalate some of the emotions and distress that first brought you to therapy. Some escalation in symptoms before release or de-escalation is not uncommon. Please be patient with yourself and your process.

I look forward to walking this journey with you.

Dr Bridget

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