About Confidentiality

Everything that is said and discussed in our sessions together will be kept confidential. Therefore, I will not discuss any of what you share with me with anyone else without your permission. This includes other health care professionals, family members, parents, spouses, colleagues or employers. Even if they are responsible for paying for your sessions.

There are certain exceptions to confidentiality where I am expected, by law, to take certain steps to ensure safety for all parties involved or to provide information to the necessary other parties or authorities.

  • If you are a danger to yourself. In other words if you are planning to seriously harm yourself. In such a case, I will also make the necessary arrangements to help ensure your safety.

  • If you are a danger to others. Therefore, if your past/present actions, or planned actions for the future indicate the threat of serious harm to another person/s.

  • If during our sessions, I am informed about any form of abuse towards a child, elderly person or otherwise vulnerable individual.

  • If I am ordered by a court of law, for whatever the reason, to provide information regarding the content of our sessions.

While I keep notes in session, these notes are only for my own use in order to best design your treatment plan and facilitate your psychotherapy process. These notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet for which only I have the key. Electronic records and personal information of patients are stored on multiple-password-protected computers and a password protected practice management system.

Records of personal information will be retained for the minimum period as required by law unless the patient/client has furnished their consent or instructed me to retain the records for a longer period. Records of personal information will be destroyed or deleted as soon as reasonably possible after the time period for which I am entitled to hold the records have expired. For adult patients/clients, records will be destroyed six years after a process has become dormant. For minors under the age of 18 years, health records will be kept until their 21st birthday.

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