ProfileI am Dr Bridget O’Neill Kruger, a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist as well as a Holistic & Earth Medicine practitioner from Cape Town, South Africa.

As a health practitioner, I follow an Integrative and Holistic approach that acknowledges each person as a multifaceted being. In this way, health and wellness are promoted by considering all aspects of the person: emotional, cognitive, behavioural, physical, social, sexual and spiritual. My approach further takes into consideration the interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit as it relates to our health and well-being. This integrative approach is also reflected in my varied training background and experience.

I obtained my Therapeutic Reflexology and Meridian Therapy Diploma through The International Academy of Reflexology & Meridian Therapy associated with Dougans International in 2003. Shortly after, I proceeded to finish both my undergraduate degree and Honours degree in Psychology through the University of South Africa. My Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology was completed at the University of the Free State with my research dissertation focused on The Role of Mindfulness in the Psychological Well-Being and Life Satisfaction of Adults. This was followed by my internship at 3 Military Hospital in Bloemfontein before returning to Cape Town to complete my community service placement at Groote Schuur Hospital. Shortly after going into private practice in 2015, I was accepted as a doctoral candidate at the University of the Free State. My Doctoral degree in Psychology was completed in March 2020 with my research exploring the Mindfulness, Attachment and Satisfaction Experiences of Couples.

In addition to my formal training, I have continued to add to and widen my professional skillset to practice as an Animal Assisted Practitioner (Ethology Academy) and Emotionally Focused Therapist (Advanced level), as well as completing trainings in Encounter-centred Couples Therapy (EcCT, Imago Africa), Breathwork (Breathwork Africa), Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration, and working therapeutically with altered states of consciousness. More recently, I entered my training as a Cacao Kuchina working with ceremonial cacao as a non-psychedelic plant medicine.

In keeping with my integrative approach, my psychotherapeutic work sees me tailoring treatment to the individual person or couple and their presenting problem while relying strongly on Attachment Theory, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Ecosystemic Theory, Ecology, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, as well as both Mindfulness/Contemplative and EcoPsychology Practices.

My work has also culminated in me developing a model of well-being that I have termed: Rewilded Being – a way of life and being that restores us to our natural state of self and well-being by placing us back into connection with ourselves, others (of both our own and other species’) and Nature. Promoting a state of Rewilded Being is the calling of my life and practice. In this way, my therapeutic approach and work with individuals, couples and groups are all infused and underpinned by this model of well-being.

Apart from having worked with adults, children and adolescents, I have also developed and presented skill building workshops to groups and communities in different parts of South Africa. I also occasionally participate in public talks or presentations regarding mental health matters. Some of my previous public engagements include:

  • The Ethology Academy, Pretoria – presenting & training students at the annual Animal Assisted Activities seminar on Basic Psychological Theory and the Helping Relationship (2013)
  • Jan Kempdorp local community group – presentation done on “Skills for Interpersonal Relationships” (2013)
  • Talking Tree, Cape Town – invited speaker on “The Psychological Effect” at their monthly vegan community group (2018)
  • KykNet & Kie ‘ Tussen Ons ’ geselsprogram – invited guest appearance to speak about “Couples & Finances” (2018)
  • Proveg at University of Cape Town – invited speaker & panellist at “Introduction to Plant-Based Nutrition” event (2018)
  • Youthworx Young Adults Seminar (YAS), Cape Town – invited speaker presenting on “Intimate Relationships” (2019)
  • currently in post-production – invited guest on local documentary series (2022)

Currently, my practice is focused on offering services to couples and individual adults 18 years and older.

My areas of professional interest and focus include:

Couple and Marriage Therapy
Mood Disorders (Depression & Bipolar)
Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Psychosomatic / Somatoform Disorders
Mindfulness & Contemplative Practices
Altered States of Consciousness
Plant Medicines & Entheogens
Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Integration
Sacred Ceremonies
Animal & Nature Assisted Therapy
Human-Animal Relations
Animal Psychology, Consciousness & Sentience


Aside from my vocational pursuits, I am also a wife, fur-mama, friend, sister and daughter. The core of my heart is wrapped around my husband and partner of 18 years and our full house of furry-family members. I also enjoy reading, running, listening to music and spending time in nature. Apart from my interests in psychology and health, I am also a passionate vegan, animal rights’ activist and advocate for other intersectional social justice matters.

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